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Georgia On My Mind Again, Part 3

Almost every morning during my visit to Georgia, my sister and I would go for a walk. North Georgia is a hilly, tree-covered landscape with a few clear areas where farms exist or did at one point. The first segment of our walk (as well as the very last) is along Ivy Log Road — a not-too-busy thruway but one where there is no walkway if you do encounter an oncoming vehicle. Fortunately, this is a short segment and you can easily hear the vehicles approaching in time to get out of harm's way. Notice the fog which is common in the morning hours.

BTW, all these photos were shot on my iPhone.

We soon enter a residential community in amongst the trees, up & down the hills and around a lake. Interestingly, there is a similar community on the other side of Ivy Log Road which is the alternate walking path we also follow. The two communities were initially one but were divided at one point — I don't know the detailed history of the split.

My sister and I chat the whole way, often about the homes that have been built here. Some are modest, some are elaborate — but we always have an opinion about the design, the view, the landscaping. Our opinions are free — but no one seems interested.

There are still many lots for sale here at Fox Lake. They all seem to be several acres in size and online listings show prices in the $20K to $40K range. They don't seem to sell too quickly — many are purchased by people who are retiring and relocating from the hustle and bustle of urban life.

They do offer amenities such as the Fox Lake Community Center. It looks like a residence from the outside — we didn't approach it too closely since the small sign told us we were under video surveillance.

Just across the street is the community BBQ Pavilion overlooking Fox Lake. I can imagine the pleasant get-togethers held here during pleasant evenings and major holidays. It's a beautiful location. And quiet.

Standing next to the pavilion are three River Birch Trees. I am familiar with Eucalyptus trees which also tend to lose their bark but these trees carry it to an extreme — for some reason I want to call them Peeling Bark Trees.

The fog was lifting as the sun rose in the sky but remnants remained — giving us a picturesque walk each morning.

Another beautiful house. I noticed that most have expansive porches, many screened-in, so the owners can enjoy the outdoors without being eaten by the evening's mosquitoes.

It brings back fond memories of the screened-in porch at my grandmother's house on the Eastern Shore of Maryland where my grandmother, parents, aunts, uncles and cousins would all gather to chat, joke and simply enjoy each others' company.

This is the other side of Fox Lake — love the remnants of fog hovering over the mirror-like surface of the water.

On the other side of the tiny bridge, water from the lake was flowing gently into a stream. Beautiful and so peaceful.

More empty lots waiting for homes. This one would make a nice retirement estate.

This home was still under construction although it appeared to be nearly complete. We both noticed how the quiet of the community was punctured by the sound of saws, drills and hammers while the house was being built. I imagine that the neighbors didn't like it but the construction of their home created the same inconvenience for the even earlier residents. Fortunately, that situation was temporary and quiet soon returned.

The end of our walk required a climb up the "mountain" that is Rocky Top Heights, the road leading back home. It has a slope of "only" eight degrees but it feels like 45 — to legs exhausted walking up and down the steep hills of the Fox Lake community.

It was here where we spotted a vine with lovely flowers climbing a post topped with a birdhouse. My sister really liked the vine (me too) and she took a photo to use when asking this neighbor the name of the vine. Turns out that she didn't know either. My sister took a cutting to a nursery and they identified it as Sweet Autumn Clematis. I'm expecting to see a beautiful profusion of flowers in front of their house upon my next visit.

To be continued...

Life is good.

B. David

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